Future of Technology…a GLORIOUS EL DORADO!!!


Giant automaker, TOYOTA is unveiling a chameleon-like vehicle that changes colour according to the driver’s mood.

In the future (which is already here), technology will revolutionize everything we think about cars. *Think of a car that says happy birthday to you on your birthday? Or a car that knows where you are going, where you are, what you want to do et al? And someday, when our cars will get scratched, they will heal themselves…

BACK TO NOW. Imagine you can’t even process and print a single page letter in 2013!…you can’t design a simple greeting card with your own picture for you or your family!…you can’t send a simple email from a laptop! Infact, na person still dey help u open and browse facebook, yet you dream of becoming a PROGRAMMER.
Be rest assured, YOU WILL BE LOST IN THE FUTURE (which is already here). NO MIRACLE FOR YOU!

“Computer gets twice faster every two years. And by 2030, computers and cars will have more than 3000 times processing power than they have today…” So WHAT DO YOU KNOW TODAY THAT WILL HELP YOU COPE WITH THIS LANDSLIDE TECHNOLOGICAL HYPER-CHANGES IN THE FUTURE?


Come learn from practically proven gurus at the 2013 OPTIMIST TECHNOLOGIES DECEMBER FREE COMPUTER TRAINING PROGRAM holding from Monday 9th – Saturday 28th December, 2013 @Abehe Baptist Church, behind Oba Market, Benin City.
#Time: 3pm-6pm daily, so even workers can participate…

*Tell your nephew, your cousin, your younger brother/sister, that secondary school neighbor…..Don’t waste this december.
*Enquiries: 08133866402, 08182732406
BBM: 3302DB5A
Email: optimist.tech@gmail.com
Blog: optimistechnlogies.wordpress.com
Facebook: Imagbenikaro Osarumwense

#NB: Trainees will only pay N1,500 for the TRAINING BROCHURE and CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING. There shall be written and practical tests as the training progresses to enhance students participation and ascertain the level of knowledge acquisition because every teaching shall be practical.

Someone else needs to hear this goodnews, please spread it!


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