It is lifestyle, not dead phone batteries that cause stress by Pete Turner


A recent survey shows that nine out of ten people get stressed when their phone battery dies. That means that if you are anything like me, you must get stressed almost every single evening when your phone dies. My smart phone battery lasts from about 6.30am when I unplug it to around 7pm if I’m lucky. If I’m not home by 7pm, then it’s goodbye battery and no more phone until I get to plug it in again.

Now I know I don’t have the most high powered or stressful job in the world. I don’t have kids or a desperate need to be in contact with any of my family or friends 24 hours a day so perhaps things are different for me. My life in general is not particularly stressful. But really, is a phone battery dying actually a cause of stress?

Stress, according to the NHS, is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Work, relationships and money problems are what usually causes stress, not a dead phone battery. Hunger, desperation and poverty are stressful situations. Living with a partner you hate or having an out of control child; these are things that could cause stress. A job that never lets you sleep or that you can’t go home and forget; these are the things that make a stressful life. Your phone has little to do with it.

When your phone battery dies, it means you may not be able to contact people, check your calendar, check social media or a search engine for an answer to a question. In only very rare circumstances could this be considered truly stressful. Some people may have trouble working with a dead phone and others may find it a little more tricky to contact a sick or needy loved one immediately. But most of these things can wait. It is a sign of the mobile phone lifestyle that we now think that nothing can wait.

Every email must be answered immediately, every text responded to and every call answered. That is simply not true. Most things can definitely wait. Most of us could do with slowing down a bit and making sure we don’t drive ourselves into an early stress-related grave. If you think your phone battery dying is stressful, wait until something really bad happens to you!

It didn’t used to be this way. I’m in my early 30s and remember getting my first mobile phone for my 18th birthday. I survived, as did we all, without a mobile phone at all. We don’t need to be constantly connected. Things can wait until you get home where you probably have access to a computer, tablet or land line. Even if you have the most demanding job in the world, you should be able to have time when you are not able to be reached. It is not healthy to be so dependent on technology. Next time your phone battery dies before you get home, please for the sake of your health, try to just chill out.
Do you get stressed by your mobile phone battery dying?

Pete is a media lecturer who is particularly interested in how technology can affect classrooms of the future. He wishes his students could live without their phones for just one lesson. Follow Pete on Twitter or check out his film and TV blog: I Love That Film.

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