YADAH 8 STREET RALLY – i-testify

Our client, Youth Fellowship of New Benin Baptist Church, Benin had a street rally yesterday Tuesday 20th September, 2016 to publicise her forthcoming programme: YADAH 8 (I-TESTIFY IN HIS PRESENCE)…

We will be offering Musical Concert Lighting & Smoke Effects, Videography, Photography and Red Carpet Services at the event on Friday, 30th September, 2016 at New Benin Baptist Church,  #38, New Lagos Road, Benin City, Nigeria

Here’s a sneak-peek of the street rally in pictures._mg_9428_mg_9667_mg_9666_mg_9664_mg_9663_mg_9662_mg_9657_mg_9654_mg_9651_mg_9648_mg_9646_mg_9645_mg_9643_mg_9640_mg_9637_mg_9632_mg_9631_mg_9629_mg_9627_mg_9625_mg_9620_mg_9616_mg_9615_mg_9612_mg_9609_mg_9608_mg_9606_mg_9605_mg_9604_mg_9602_mg_9601_mg_9598_mg_9597_mg_9596_mg_9593_mg_9592_mg_9591_mg_9590_mg_9588_mg_9587_mg_9586_mg_9585_mg_9582_mg_9580_mg_9578_mg_9576_mg_9575_mg_9573_mg_9570_mg_9566_mg_9565_mg_9562_mg_9561_mg_9559_mg_9555_mg_9552_mg_9546_mg_9544_mg_9543_mg_9541_mg_9539_mg_9537_mg_9536_mg_9533_mg_9532_mg_9529_mg_9528_mg_9515_mg_9512_mg_9510_mg_9509_mg_9507_mg_9504_mg_9501_mg_9500_mg_9497_mg_9495_mg_9493_mg_9489_mg_9478_mg_9476_mg_9470_mg_9462_mg_9447_mg_9444_mg_9440_mg_9435_mg_9432


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